Identity Scanning System (ISS): It is a system that allows patients to scan the photographs in their official documents and record them on the information card during their registration at the patient reception unit. Its purpose is to ensure that the identity and institutional information as well as the pictures of the registered patients are recorded in the system. Thanks to the KTS, the real identity of the patient is verified in the next visits of the patient and false and misleading transactions are prevented.

KIOSK: It is a system that facilitates patients to log in to the system by scanning their previously given ID barcodes on the barcode reader on the device or by typing their Turkish ID numbers through the numerator system on the screen.

Patient Recognition and Referral System (RRMS): It is a modular software and hardware project that performs admission, registration and other transactions of patients with patient identification card, ID barcode or electronic ID and informs about the results. A voice guidance function is also targeted and provides ease of use for visually impaired, illiterate and elderly patients. Queuing problems experienced in hospitals are eliminated.

Areas of Use:

Patient Reception and Guidance
X-ray Acceptance and Referral
Personnel Attendance Control
Dining Hall and Similar Access Control Systems
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